CIRCA Nature
CIRCA Nature

CIRCA Nature

Sale price21 950 SEK
Glas:Smoke 12mm

ABOUT the tables are made by hand and they can vary slightly in expression and shape.

Material base: 4 concrete modules. (One of the pictures shows 3 modules about 340mm high).

Dimensions: total height of the base approx. 450mm, Dia. about 400mm.

Choose hardened glass top: Smoke 12mm, Clear 12 or Clear 19mm.

Note 19mm Clear is not hardened glass.

Choose glass top size: Dia.1000mm or Dia.1100mm.

Order item (approx. 6-10 weeks)

The table starts to be made by hand after your purchase. Then you get a more accurate delivery time.

There are more delivery options, such as pick-up in warehouse or home delivery with assembly.

Open order or right of return does not apply to ordered goods.

For other glass sizes and wishes contact