CIRCA Nature
CIRCA Nature

CIRCA Nature

Sale price16 900 SEK
Glas:Smoke 12mm
Modul Material:3

A 70s-inspired lounge table that manufactured by hand in Sweden. They may vary slightly in expression and shape because they are handmade.

Substructure material: concrete modules.

Dimensions: Modules dia. about 400mm                                                                     

Height: Modules 4 approx. 420mm, 3 approx. 340mm.

Choose tempered glass top: smoke 12mm, clear 12mm or clear 19mm.

Please note 19mm clear is NOT tempered glass.

Choose the size of the glass top: Dia.1000mm or Dia.1100mm. 

For other glasses, sizes and requests contact 

Made to order (approx. 6-10 weeks)

The table begins to be made by hand after your purchase. Then you get a more accurate delivery time.

The price does not include delivery, but will be estimated with the appropriate shipping supplier depending on where you live. You can choose, for example, pic-up from warehouse or home delivery with assembly. We also deliver abroad.